Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kayaking on Lake George

I took a break from writing to join some friends kayaking on Lake George in September. It’s a beautiful lake that is sacred to the native people of the area. Though now it’s largely a community of travelers by motor boat. 

We rented canoes and kayaks at Bolton Landing then we headed off across the lake to our own little island to camp. The weather forecast was for rain, but we made it to our island no problem. The boat traffic was light on the crossing which was nice so we only had a few choppy wakes to plow through.

My kayak partner, Johana, was great. She paddled smoothly along and we cruised across the waves.

We had a nice little swim on our island and had camp all set up before the rain. Even then it was a light drizzle most of the evening and we had tarps! 

I took some black and white pics.

I love my Canon Rebel SL1!

 It was a good time with new and old friends!

 Yep that's an outhouse!

Here's a little photo gallery:

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